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QUALNETWORKS Professional Services delivers customized consulting services that can help you improve your operations and achieve your business objectives. Our services target the different cycles of data/voice networks and web solutions:  Design, Purchasing, Implementation, Operation and Assessment & Optimization.  We also have Strategic consulting which covers the whole process.

Design: recommendations & proposal required to achieve the business objectives. It applies to HW/SW platform, processes and human resources.

Purchase: technical & process recommendations required to have the right platform and providers.

Implement: Project management required to ensure the implementation is completed on time and according to the requirements.

Operate: managed services to perform day-to-day activities required by your business.

Assess & Optimize: review of current status of the operation, the technology involved and processes followed. Recommendations for improvement of current operations.

Our approach is based on techniques and methodologies of ISO and ITU.

QUALNETWORKS services for Networking include:

  • Network management design
  • Network management operation
  • Network management assessment & optimization
  • Service Desk design
  • Service Desk implementation
  • Service desk operation
  • Service Desk assessment & optimization
  • Routing and Switching design
  • Routing and Switching assessment & optimization

QUALNETWORKS services for Web Solutions include:

  • Web page design
  • Web page implementation
  • Web page operation
  • Web page Assessment & optimization
  • Traffic Assessment
  • Server assessment & optimization
  • Hosting  services
  • Backup & recovery Assessment & optimization

QUALNETWORKS Purchasing Consulting:

  • HW/SW platform required
  • Provider & Commercial conditions Assessment

QUALNETWORKS Strategic Services:

Establish a strategy, design the solution, and provide implementation and optimization support that meets your organization’s business objectives.






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