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Remote Monitoring

QUALNETWORKS permanently monitors key parameters of your network equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Targeting servers, routers, switches, UPSs, telephony and radio equipment; using IPSec tunnels (VPN) to access your network devices and obtain the information required.

Real Time Alarm Notification

An alarm is generated whenever an equipment variable is out of the acceptable or predefined thresholds.  QUALNETWORKS immediately  notifies your company of the occurrence via pager, phone call and/or email.

Reporting and Trend Analysis

QUALNETWORKS provides detailed analytical reports and problem diagnosis on key system parameters. Applying quality principles tools and techniques, providing your company with the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction/loyalty and  reduce operational costs.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) requires to analyze objective data in order to improve processes.

At QUALNETWORKS we believe that having the data is not sufficient and a comprehensive analysis of it is required to evaluate the system quality and achieve CQI.

Service Management

QUALNETWORKS bases its vast experience of help desks and customer service centers design and implementation, on International ISO and ITU Quality Standards.

In addition, we provide consulting services for:

  • Operating/Procedure Manuals
  • Report Design
  • Quality Control Audits
  • Below you can review some examples of real quality reports for a router
  • Packet rate
  • Average packet size
  • Data rate
  • Utilization


Products and Services

QUALNETWORKS offers the following products for Remote Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostic:

Q-NET Guard

  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarm notification
  • Monthly basic report

Q-NET Control

  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarm notification
  • Monthly basic report
  • Specific variables Measurement (up to 3 variables)Detailed Report for specific variables

Q-NET Control Advanced

  • Customized measurement
  • Analysis and diagnosis of specific variables.
  • Define measurable periods
  • Detailed Report

These products and services are applicable to servers, routers, switches, UPSs, telephony and radio equipment, databases and applications.






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