Q-Net Control to monitor the stability of your network infrastructure

In addition to the remote monitoring, alarm notification and basic reporting services, Q-Net Control includes measurement of specific variables and detailed reporting. It allows to identify, diagnose and resolve problems in your devices or networks. Q-Net control also uses secure tunnels (VPN - Virtual Private Network) on the Internet to reach your network devices. It allows to get information from servers, applications, UPS, power systems, routers, switches, PBXs and any other device that can be managed using SNMP.

Immediate Benefits

  • Operational Cost Reduction: Focus your resources on key business activities
  • Quality Service improvement: Reduce network unavailability periods. Constant monitoring improves system performance
  • Trend Analysis: Predict network/devices behavior, and schedule your resources in advance
  • Personalized Reports: Take advantage of understandable and useful report information. QUALNETWORKS provides high quality reports based on ISO and ITU international standards.
  • Measure Several Variables Simultaneously: Get to the root cause of your network failures and be able to correlate events and behaviors.No Software Investment: Do not waste your resources buying expensive management applications.
  • No Network Management Engineering Costs: Our business is network management. Focus your resources on your core business and leave network issues analysis to the experts.          QUALNETWORKS counts on an specialized team of motivated engineers who monitor and analyze your network.

Q-Net Control includes:

►Remote monitoring

►Alarm notification

►Monthly basic report

►Specific variables Measurement (up to 3 variables)

►Detailed Report for specific variables

The SNMP agent, a small software component installed on the server (or any other device in your network) provides access to information about its operation and performance.

This information is sent to our NOC for monitoring and analysis purposes.

Choose what to monitor and measure

All you need to do is contact us and let us know the variable you need to measure, time of monitoring, number of samples, etc. You do not need to design or configure these tasks in your management application (in case you have one).

QUALNETWORKS will personalize it for you. 

Q-Net Control gives you more......obtain tailored operational reports and trend analysis of your network performance, such as:

- Traffic Load

- Error Rate

- CPU Utilization

- Disk Availability

- Memory Utilization





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